Project Description

Hinds head – typical pub installation.

Strong enough to be left up and open, doesn’t need to be managed, so staff don’t need to open and close it every day. Don’t need to worry about what the weather is likely to do at the Vortex parasols are strong enough to handle all weather.

Integrated heat and light for use all year round, keeps customers warm and dry on cold wet days. Enables the areas to be used at night time with the lights creating a warm inviting atmosphere.

Increases available space with tables for use under the parasols that can be used for additional covers for meals on a busy day or just for sitting and having a beer.

The canopy, printed with a Stella logo meant that the parasols were partly paid for by the beer supplier, as they can have their logos on the canopies. In this case the logos were applied using a special marine grade adhesive vinyl, which is incredibly durable, but could be removed and replaced with a different suppliers logo at the end of the existing beer supply contract. This could be done without the need to purchase a complete new canopy.


  • 2 x Vortex 4.2m Square parasol
  • Poppy red canopy
  • Integrated heat and light
  • Inground bases
  • Printing Stella Artois logo on to an adhesive vinyl