Installation : Hilton Brighton Metropole

Type: Hotel Terrace

The hotel features a narrow, seafront facing terrace that they wanted to be able to use all year round. The building is listed, so the option of a permanent cover was not possible and would also have been far more expensive. There was no option to fit a ground socket as the terrace floor forms the ceiling of a service room below.

These parasols were initially installed in early 2014 and other than a short spell of building maintenance which required scaffolding, these parasols haven’t been closed since. They stand year-round facing everything that the south coast can throw at them, including storms and high winds.

Fitted with heaters and lights these parasols provide the hotel with a desirable outside space for smokers and drinkers. Close to the bar it is a valuable additional space, providing shade in the summer and warmth and shelter long into the evening and during the winter months.


  • 3 x Vortex 3x4m rectangular parasols
  • Freestanding base with cover
  • Fully integrated electrics with heaters and lights


  • 100% up time
  • Extended bar and terrace area
  • Non-permanent structure – used for listed building

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