With 52 colours available, Vortex can be specified to create an eye-catching splash of colour, complement an existing theme, or blend into the background. Choose a beautiful colour tone from one of the colour palettes to ensure the right colour for your own environment.

All canopies are manufactured from durable and long lasting Ferrari 502 Satin (10 year limited warranty) or Ferrari 6002 Stam (5 year limited warranty). The fabric is ideally suited for most climatic conditions, is easy to clean and will ensure years of service.

Ferrari 502 Satin is a preferred architectural element of choice available in a wide range of colours to ensure creative variety, high-performance protection against heat and bad weatherunmatched strength and great resistance to dirt.

STAM 6002 is a durable material that is: 100% recyclable through the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® operational recycling network; Phthalate-free; Greenguard-certified; in compliance with current REACH regulations;  and fire-rated (M2, B1, etc.).

STAM 6002 composite material is distinctive due to its unique grainy aspect, recalling woven textile; and its matt finish minimises unwanted reflection. Additionally it is 100% waterproof, resistant to UV radiation and dirt.