Installation : Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf

Type: Leisure | Theme Park

With a very busy seaside location, the Adventure Golf Courses in Hastings had to have parasols that were strong enough to withstand the wind coming straight off the sea and durable enough to be left open all year round. There were not staff available to spend their time putting parasols up and down as the weather conditions changed.

The Vortex parasols are both waterproof and weatherproof, making them ideal for this location. With a marine grade stainless steel frame, the parasols were going to be impervious to the conditions and would provide both shade and shelter to those playing and spectating.

The canopies are a bright mix of aniseed and lagoon, custom made with alternating panels to enhance the corporate identity.


  • 8 x Vortex 2.8m square
  • Aniseed/lagoon coloured alternating panel canopies
  • Bolt down base plate


  • Year round usage
  • Bright custom colours for striking look
  • Increased clientele throughout year

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